Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Newsletter 2009

Hi there just click here to view our latest newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new addition to the family

But it's not what you're thinking! Every week we do a bible study with a lady called Gina in her home. It was with great joy last week that we prayed with her as she decided to accept Jesus in her life as her own and personal Saviour. What a blessing. Then on Sunday she witnessed before the whole Church and the Elders prayed with her. God is doing amazing things in her at the moment and in the lives of her two children. Do remember them in your prayers.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner!

Looking for a Christmas present with a difference this year? Looking for something with the real message of Christmas? Then check out photolife (you'll find the link for the page on the right). Keep Jesus in the season.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Outreach

Peppe and Peppina will be in action again on Saturday as we have a special one off outreach in the square where we had theclub in June. We're staying with the theme of the olympics and will be talking about Joshua. Pray above all for good weather so that we'll be able to stay outdoors and that many of the children will come along. We visited all the children last week who had come along to the club in the summer and gave them their photo that they had taken with us along with the above invite for this week. They all seemed quite enthusiastic and so hopefully this is a good sign for this week.

Romania Team

July saw us in Romania for a two week mission. In the mornings we were involved in two different locations Avrig and Mirsha for a kids club. Overall there were around 200 children who participated. we had a prizegiving at the end of the club where some of the children received prizes for bringing friends or for the worksheets they handed in, but every child went home with a goodie bag so no one was disappointed.
In the evenings we were involved in a youth camp and it was a joy for us to see 5 young people give their lives to Christ. Please continue to pray for them that they will continue to grow in their new found faith and will be encouraged in the ir respective churches.
The rest of our time was spent visiting various gypsy churches and encouraging the believers there.
After the team we were able to spend some quality time with Leo's mum and dad. Four years ago they lost their house in the floodings and as a result had to rebuild in a new area. God willing they will move in, in the next few weeks.
On our return, whilst driving through Hungary, Leo temporarily lost the sight in his right eye. At first an embolism of the retina was diagnosed but on visiting an eye specialist in Italy, he was told that it was a spasm of the muscle behind the eye. This was probably due to dehydration and stress on the eye.
The driving in Romania has really deteriorated and we had a few near misses. On one occassion a man overtookus dangerously on a stretch of road where there were road works, throwing stones onto the car. As a result of this our windscreen shattered and had to be replaced. We do thank God for his protection on all our travelling as we do clock up quite a number of kilometers, that He kept us safe and free from harm.
We'll more than likely being going back to Romania next year, so why not come and join us? Contact GLO Motherwell for further details.

Avellino Team

The team in September was another great experience. We had a fantastic group of young people and one 'young at heart'! We taught english in the mornings and in the evenings we were out in the open air performing mimes, singing, giving testimonies and bringing God's Word to the people. On the last day of the team we were able to take part in the baptisms of four people which was special as Virginia who accepted the Lord during the team last year, was one of those being baptised. Were also had an international evening where the parents and relatives of the children who came to the english course were invited. The children performed the song 'our God is big' and acted out the parable of the prodigal son. We also had a special breakfast meeting for ladies where Angie brought the message 'satisfied - even with unfulfilled desires'. New contacts were made and old ones strengthened, so we look to God to water and harvest all that was done in His name during these ten days. Another special event for us was in having Thomas Wright from Liberty Church in Bellshill along to do the bible teaching. Leo was his sunday school teacher when we were at Roman Road Hall. (Boy do we feel old)!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuscany Team

We’ve just finished a great week of evangelism with the GLO Team. We had a total of 8 members with us and it was a delight to work with them. We had a 4 day kids club and had a total of 32 kids overall. We hope to do a one off special in the local square in September with the aim of starting the kids club at the beginning of October. Unfortunately due to the football we weren't able to have all the outreaches in the local square that we had planned, and had to re-arrange the programme slightly. We were encouraged at the new contacts made though and pray that in some way we'll be able to follow these up. We had a special evangelistic night in Certaldo and it was a great encouragement to see the wee hall full. We also had meetings with the churches in Montespertoli and at La Scala.
On the 3 July we do it all again but this time it'll be in Romania with the GLO Team there, so we continue to ask for your prayers that God would protect us as we travel by car and for all aspects of the programme. After the team ends, we hope to go and visit Leo's parents for a few days as it's been two years since we last saw them.